About Ceci (Content marketer)

.Content Creative (copy base) with 7 years of solid experience in social media marketing.

.Worked with more than 50 clients from FMCG brands to shopping malls and published more than 2,500 feeds.

.Solid experience in editorial and copywriting including in-house / Digital Agency & Magazine.

.Experienced in content marketing, page management, KOL management & PR relationship.

.A writer / illustrator who has published 7 books including《學做廣告.網絡小編奮鬥記》 which shares tips on content marketing.

.A sturdy learner who is willing to learn and adapt to the ever-changing environment to produce suitable content to thrive in the market. 

What I can help

1. Content Strategy / SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

With understanding in SEO, strategically plan the content and amplify its reach.

My articles on marketing:


2. Content Creator

Solid experience in editorial and copywriting including in-house / digital agency & magazine. Participated in different projects as content creator (copy + visual design / illustrator) . Published a book《學做廣告.網絡小編奮鬥記》about working as a content creator in social media agency to inspire young readers.

3. KOLs Management & PR

Coordinated multiple online-to-offline campaigns with KOLs and clients. Helped building image for KOLs and connect with their fans.

4. Illustrator

A writer / illustrator and have 7 books published since 2008, 2 of them won the “10 books” award.

Please contact ccceci@gmail.com to learn more. Thank You!