Part, Present and Future Exhibition 2024

My paintings are exhibited in London! This is the Resident memoirs & oral history project. In addition to the first impression of my paintings, I’m also helping to illustrate residents’ memoirs & oral histories, which is very meaningful!

我的畫作在倫敦展出!是次為居民口述歷史project ,除了有我來到這裡的第一印象畫作,我還為居民口述歷史畫插畫,十分有意義呢!

This is my artwork: My first impression of Barnet

I moved to Barnet in autumn 2022. It was cloudy and windy back then. I saw the leaves on the trees turn yellow, and animals like squirrels got bigger for the winter ahead. I went to the RAF museum nearby to learn more about this area. Apart from the amazing planes on display inside, it is amazing to learn how the Grahame-White Aviation Company shaped our streets and the community today.

I helped Amanda Epe draw the illustration.

Her article was about Flying First: Amy Johnson. Amy Johnson’s stories inspired her to write a poem.

I helped Linda Baker draw the illustration.

Her article was about her memories of the concourse. She used to open a shoe shop there in the 70s.  But sadly, the lack of passing trade and the recession of the 80s forced her to give up.

The exhibition date: 29/04/2024, 1/05/2024 & 3/05/2024